Blair waldorf dating history

15-Nov-2017 00:20

” You all know how I feel about relationship goals, so it probably won’t surprise you all to know how I feel about Chuck and Blair.Basically, I hate them–not necessarily individually, which I will get to in a second, but together.Yes, they are characters that are written to love each other.Yes, they do selfless acts of love for each other a lot during the series.When you start dating the boy, he basically has any right to touch you or use you for his benefit, and you’re used as a doll. You’re a pretty face to show off to the world, a good body to make his friends jealous, and a cute smile to show his parents how their son has picked a good girl.This notion of a boy being mean to you shows that he likes you needs to be taken out of the way society teaches our children.We’re taught that the girl with the short skirt and low cut shirt is the one who’s going to get the boys to look at her, she’s the one who’s going to get the boyfriend.

They do have good moments in their relationship, being the power couple of their high school.We’re taught from a young age that when a boy is mean to you, he likes you.

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